Quick Pen and Ink Sketches of Birds

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And why you should start sketching quick pen and ink sketches of birds.

‘Bird’ is my son’s favourite new word. In a vocab of 80 words, it’s the thing he can say the most/ best.

So thanks to him pointing ‘bird’ out, I have a new appreciation and bulging photo reel of ‘bird’.

I’m a massive fan of quick pen-and-ink sketches as I believe it loosens you up to draw better and helps you to spot shapes and structures more clearly, and, in the case of birds, it helps you to study movement and energy (think Muybridge’s experiment.). So no prizes for guessing what I’ve been sketching this week.

I aim to quick-sketch specific species of birds, but nonetheless for any creative-mavins with a pen, birds are a good entry-level shape. The beauty about ‘bird’ is that they make for a clearly identifiable shape, and if you’re newer to drawing, don’t be afraid to have a go – you can’t really go wrong with adaptations eg. long feathers, long tail, beak etc. It is likely in the world, somewhere, a bird looks like your drawn variation.

Also, they’re a lovely subject to draw as birds are a symbol of freedom and freeness. It is quite therapeutic to study their shapes and movements. What is not to like?

I am often asked to draw birds for children’s bedrooms. If you would like a personalised bird drawing or painting then please contact me here.

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