about sophie

'I am passionate about celebrating life through art.

What we create and what we surround ourselves with visually has the ability to transform our mood and emotion.'

About Sophie

British artist Sophie lives in the beautiful countryside of Hampshire, UK, and the tropical environment of South East Asia where she derives most of her inspiration. Her work is found in a number of private collections worldwide.

Drawn to colour and expression, Sophie's artistic style is vibrant, often leading her to work standing up, outside, inside and in a variety of media. She produces ink illustrations, characterful portrait drawings and bold paintings.

Sophie says:

"What we surround ourselves with has the power to transform our mood and emotion. I draw my inspiration from the beauty and colour of nature and I always aim to fill my works with light, energy and positivity. Our eyes are our biggest sense and we should surround ourselves with visions that make us happy and inspired."


Sophie loves the bold colour and vivid expression of the Fauves and Impressionists, and the pattern and form of artists such as Klimt and Schiele, Botticelli and Sassetti.