Chelsea Flower Show 2019

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I was very sad to miss Chelsea Flower show this year – I had to resign myself to watching it on the television! Normally it really inspires me to paint and draw at home and my phone is filled with pictures of the shapes colours and textures I see. One thing I noticed this year … Read More

Winter 2018

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With so many private commissions that i was tackling it wasn’t too easy for me to promote much of my work. However, it has been a brilliant winter of inspiration from nature – including cows from a nearby field which I spent may a day walking by – and Scottish wildlife. Spending so much of … Read More

Framing At The Studio

September 13, 2017By adminSTUDIO No Comments

I’ve been so busy with a number of private and confidential commissions to undertake, and subsequent framing. It has been fun! They are now in the post or being stored for later delivery. Many of the pieces have been surprise gifts for their loved ones so the subject matter has been close to their hearts … Read More

Tips for Pet Photography

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Pets are so popular as a subject matter, and that’s fine with me as I always love the chance to work with a new pup. Reference material is so important and I prefer to take the photos myself wherever possible to get a sense of their character and form in person. However, taking photos of … Read More

Does The Quality Of Art Materials Matter?

August 30, 2017By adminSTUDIO

I often get asked what art materials I use. More often than not, people just want to know whether I use acrylic, oils, pencils or pastels. They don’t ask what make or grade of material I use. And they definitely don’t ask what canvas or paper I use. Way back as an undergraduate, we were … Read More

Working With Photos In Portraits

August 23, 2017By adminSTUDIO

Last week I started a new piece for a gorgeous client. A double portrait of her gorgeous toddler girls. When I consulted her about this piece in late Spring, we agreed to start work straight away to capture their youth while their faces are so quickly developing from their babyfaces. So we scheduled a photoshoot. … Read More

Double Portrait – The Prep And Taking Photos Of Little Ones

August 23, 2017By adminSTUDIO

This is Lilly and Polly, they’re sisters and they are 2 and a half and 11 months old. Their favourite things are their mini-kitchen, their dollies and cuddles. This double portrait was such joy to make because the girls had such love between them. Also, just using one final reference photo rather than multiple meant … Read More

Drawing Freddie – The Process

August 14, 2017By adminSTUDIO

This is little Freddie. He is one and a half and he is ace. His favourite things are tractors, smiling and his Mum. I often draw portraits of children for my clients (more often than not I don’t publicise them because of privacy reasons). They’re such a joy to draw and paint. Full of character … Read More