I am passionate about celebrating life through art, and creating joy for people who both view and make art.

Handcrafted images move people in a way that words do not. I aim to draw attention to the beautiful natural world around us through painting, drawing and designing, as well as gladden people with engaging works of the people and things they hold dear.

What we create and what we surround ourselves with visually has the ability to transform our mood and our way of being.




I've been immersed in the art world for as long as I can remember. I was always drawing and creating at home and on travels, you couldn't keep me away from the art school!

I followed my passion and studied art history and business at UCL and Bath, later entering into the corporate world. I continued to create artworks for private clients, exhibiting and teaching art.

More recently, I had a life-changing experience. It meant I needed to pause my career and ultimately it drew me closer to what I've always best loved and known: creating art and design. It helped me recuperate.

Since then, I have focused on making art, taking inspiration from the happy vibrancy of the natural world, colour and my childhood. It's just within me to do - I can't not do it! I produce canvases, drawings and illustrations for exhibitions, corporate and private clients. I also teach art and colour therapy which I believe is powerfully transformative in the modern world. What we create and what we surround ourselves with visually has the ability to transform our frame of mind and way of being.

I'm inspired by the natural world of the Caribbean tropics and Berkshire countryside of my childhood.

I currently practice between Hampshire and Berkshire, UK and Asia.


My style is expressive, colourful and vibrant and I love to bring character, light and positivity to my work.

I have worked with, set up and run a number of art groups internationally. My work can be found in private and corporate collections in the UK and abroad, including Switzerland, Asia, Australia, Sweden and the Middle East.

I have taught and held art classes at various groups in the USA and UK.


Look to the bold colour and vivid expression of the Fauves and Impressionists, and the pattern and form of artists such as Klimt and Schiele, Botticelli and Sassetti.